Are you eating well or having a healthy balanced diet????
If you know your eating habit is not healthy, you definitely need to change, On the other hand, if you think you are not getting enough nutrients, then chances are that even slight modifications made to what you eat by incorporating ingredients that aid the growth and health of the hair will have a massive impact.
Here are the key ingredients on how to help your hair grow:


Carrots are essentially rich in vitamins A, K, C, B6, B1, B3, B2, fiber, Potassium, and Phosphorus. All these vitamins give an excellent nourishment to the scalp.
Its benefits are to make the scalp shiny, it promotes well-conditioned hair and it strengthens the roots and gives moisture. A healthy diet of protein, which is the main component of the hair, fruits, and vegetables.
Eating carrots on its own will result in lustrous hair with its texture becoming smooth and silky.


Yes, I Know I said it OATMEAL. It’s crazy and mesmerizing, but give it a try, you will see results. It’s advisable to use Raw oatmeal and not cooked oatmeal.



1 tablespoon of Raw oatmeal
1 tablespoon of Milk
1 tablespoon of any oil of your choice
Apply the paste for 20mins then rinse your hair with a gentle shampoo.
Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast consumption, it’s used for hair as well. If you don’t believe me, look up raw oatmeal and its benefits for yourself. Let me save you the and state the benefits.


⦁ It strengthens and helps maintain a healthy length.
How does oatmeal strengthen and give length to your hair????? It prevents damage to the hair and gives elasticity. Our hair needs the elasticity so that it doesn’t snap.

⦁ It can soothe an itchy scalp
How can ordinary raw oatmeal stop me and you from itching?????? Well, it’s used to treat dry and itchy skin. Shocking!!!! I know, but the key thing is that we learn every day. Apart from the skin, it also relieves you also from an itchy scalp. So you need to incorporate raw oatmeal into your hair regimen and add essential oil to have a great scent.

⦁ It moisturizes and softens your hair.
Oatmeal contains vitamin B and it gives moisture to the scalp. Looking deeper into oatmeal it contains polysaccharides( which is a carbohydrate whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules bonded together) which makes your hair soft.
To seal the oatmeal into your hair for great moisture, use of your favorite leave in conditioner or oil or Shea butter.
⦁ Gives Nutrition
Are you interested in giving oatmeal a chance on your hair??? If YES, then go for it, If NO, then stick to the old-fashioned way of just eating it. Hope with these benefits I have convinced you to give Oatmeal a chance. While eating oatmeal don’t just eat it plain, but jazz it up with fruits and nuts.

TRY! TRY! TRY! and tell me what you thought about it and how it made your hair feel and look.

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