A lot of people ask me, What is the solution to solving hair loss problems? But before I answer that, I am over joyed when it comes to experimenting and trying new things and products. I have experimented in making my own oils and juices to help my hair grow such as onion juice and rosemary oil.
Back to my answer, The solution you could try is to use natural remedies. Most of you may be wondering what do natural remedies have to do with hair loss? It’s simple, natural remedies involve the use of food produts or making your own products from home. Why food products ???? A lot of food products help with so many things that we as individuals don’t know the effect until you search how it helps your hair.
When it comes to treatments, there are varieties that help with hair loss which are; medication, surgery, natural remedy, laser theraphy and the use of wigs.
My main focus today are the natural remedies and how they help. Do you know that most of these natural remedies you can make yourself ? If you can create a little time out of your busy schedules.
One advice to both women and men, to avoid dryness we should oil our hair with the following oils; coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, amla oil(which is used as a replacement for a conditioner), castor oil, Argan oil,emu oil, jasmine scented oil and others.
For natural and fast hair growth the following can be used and its preparations.


Indian gooseberry is also known as Amla which Amla oil is extracted from. Since I had the drive of experimentation in me, I purchased it from my local store and was very curious of what it will actually do to my hair. It is said to be the Dr miracle of hair growth.
Since using it, results of growth have shown on my hair and a family member wanted to know what the secret was I told them Amla oil is the way forward and they were astonished and decided to try it and join the Amla club.
Amla is an antioxidant, antibacterial, it’s exfoliating which helps to maintain healthy scalp and promote hair growth.


⦁ Mix Amla oil with Lemon Oil

⦁ Massage the mixture into your scalp and cover with shower cap.

⦁ Leave it for approximately an hour and shampoo you hair

To all men and Women, we all have busy schedules and once we come back from a long tiring day at work, we all want to relax, shower and sleep. The best time for this is during the weekend but if you can incorporate it into your shower time after work then go ahead.


As said earlier in my blog, I told you what onion juice does to the hair, but in case you forgot, Onion juice is high in sulfur which helps improve blood circulation to the hair, it regenerates hair follicles and reduce inflammation.
The good part of the juice is that it helps kills germs and treats scalps infection that can cause loss of hair.


To  extract the juice, follow these steps

⦁ Get an Onion and divide into four sections

.⦁ Put the onion in the blender  with a cup of water and blend until it forms a paste.

⦁ Use a muslin cloth to strain the juice out.

⦁ Apply the juice directly to the scalp and cover with a shower cap for about  an hour. Although the juice has an off putting scent, its best to  do it during the day on a weekend  and not leave it overnight if not you sure wont sleep well. You need to be consistent and apply the onion mixture every single day for 30-60 minutes minimum the first month if your facing serious hair loss.

⦁ Shampoo your hair till the strong scent has been removed completely.

If you carry your natural hair out, then it’s adviseable to do this twice a week. But if you do braids or weaves alot then when you take it out, apply the juice to your head.


Do not make onion juice and store it. I am saying this through my own experience. I made a lot of onion juice and used the amount I needed for my hair and left the remaining in my bathroom and didn’t use it for weeks and bacteria was forming in it so I discarded it. So make a little that will be enough for your hair.


What makes Rosemary oil so unique for hair growth? Well rosemary has  so many properties that helpto maintain our hair. Rosemary oil is extracted from rosemary leaves. What makes Rosemary oil so unique for hair growth? Well rosemary has  so many properties that helpto maintain our hair. Rosemary oil is extracted from rosemary leaves.

These are a few benefits

.⦁ It helps stimulate hair growth and regrows bald patches

Put about 5 drops of rosemary oil on the scalp and massage  after shower.


You can either use dried or fresh rosemaryYou can either use dried or fresh rosemary.

For dried

⦁ add about 5 tablespoon of rosemary  and pour olive oil till the rosemary is covered and leave for about 2-4 weeks

For fresh

⦁ Get fresh rosemary leaves and put it in the pot and pour olive oil and bring to a boil for about 5 mins till its dried then drain the oil.

This is an image of my DIY (do it yourself) rosemary oil
Hope this has given you an insight on what you can use for hair growth!!

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